Polite House Rules

  1. Non-paying customers are welcome. Please however give up your seat if a paying customer needs to sit down.
  2. Entertainment facilities can be used out of hours Monday to Friday. Keep drinks & food away from the pool table & table football.
  3. Please keep the main lights low in the entertainment space and use the lamps and spot lights if required.
  4. Have fun and use the books & games but please do not remove them from the cafe.
  5. Please clear away your rubbish from your table and dispose of it in the designated rubbish bins.
  6. If you are paying out of hours please fill out a payment card and post in the honesty box.
  7. Do not enter behind the serving counter or kitchen for your own safety.
  8. Feel free to open the doors and use the outside courtyard but please remember to close the doors once you have finished.

Above all else have a great time and enjoy the space! We will be adding new products and specials over the next few months and will keep you updated.

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