A Welcome Message.

An exciting new partnership launches on Monday, the 19th of September 2022, HeartCibo at Brightfield Business hub. Heartcibo has established a reputation for serving great food in informal settings as one of the region’s most exciting mobile buffet specialists.  This ethos now comes to Brightfield business hub. Offering four distinct service areas, we aim to…

We are excited to now be serving Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian coffee bags. A bean to cup experience at a fraction of the cost. No matter where you sip this sophisticated coffee, you’re practically in Milan.

The credit for this deliciously rich blend is shared between Latin America and Africa. Although Italy, that great coffee-loving nation, is evoked with every sip you take. Or, more specifically, northern Italy – where sweeter and more complex arabica coffee is preferred to the robusta variety.

Beat The Queues 24 hours a day.

We understand how important your break timek is. For this reason, we are predominantly self-serve and self-pay. We have kept things nice & simple. You can even buy most of our products 24hrs a day. Just pick up a postcard from the cafe, leave us an email or mobile and we will send you a…

Polite House Rules

Above all else have a great time and enjoy the space! We will be adding new products and specials over the next few months and will keep you updated.

CCTV at The Courtyard cafe. Policy and guidance.

Introduction Heartcibo@thecourtyardcafe uses closed circuit television (CCTV) images to protect the Company’s property and to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors to the Company’s business premises. This policy sets out the details of how the Company will collect, use and store CCTV images. The Company’s CCTV facility will only record images. …